Welcome To SuperCrownz


A standard shower cap is frustratingly small, making it virtually impossible to contain larger hairstyles, braids, dreadlocks, afros, or rollers.

  • Why the SuperCrownz?

    If you've struggled to fit braids or an afro into a traditional shower cap, you know how frustrating it can be to keep your style looking fresh when showering. Instead of struggling with plastic bags or choreographing a contortionist act just to keep your hair dry, let the SuperCrownz do the hard part for you. Three times larger than a standard shower cap for extended performance, the SuperCrownz can accommodate even your largest, most intricate hairstyles. Be the Queen you know you are with the SuperCrownz!
  • Who Uses the SuperCrownz?

    The SuperCrownz is for the stylish man or woman looking to protect a favorite hairstyle that won't fit in a normal shower cap. No matter your style, the length of your hair, and your personal washing needs, SuperCrownz is flexible and functional to keep you looking fashionable.
  • Will it work if I have rollers in or really big hair?

    Absolutely we made this for you. Works perfect if:
    • • Your hair is in rollers
    • • You're rockin' an afro
    • • You have dreadlocks
    • • Your hair is in a braided style
    • • You just have a lot of hair that won't fit in regular-sized shower caps
  • Can I travel with SuperCrownz?

    YES! When you are on the go and trying to maintain your at-home beauty regimen, you don't have time to fight with the tiny shower caps provided by hotels and motels. Luckily, the SuperCrownz travels with you. Able to be folded into a compact size perfect for traveling, SuperCrownz can be by your side during every exciting adventure.
  • What is SuperCrownz Made out of?

    Made with a strong medium-weight vinyl with antifungal and antibacterial properties.
  • How Big Is SuperCrownz?

    SuperCrownz is 17 inches by 17 inches so you can fit A LOT of hair in it. This product was designed oversized so anyone can you use it.